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Oct 12, 2017 | Top Most

Top 10 Greatest Songs of All Time – Billboard Hot 100 (2)

The song that rules over the Billboard Top 100’s best songs of all time is almost as old as the chart himself.

For sixty years, Twisting Time is here!

How does it work?

In August 1958, Billboard published for the first time, the Hot 100 chart, changing forever how song’s performance is measured. The rankings of the Top Hot 100’s greatest songs of all time are based on the actual performance on the Hot 100 chart, since its inception through the current decade.

  • The greatest songs of history are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at #1 earning the biggest value and weeks at #100 earning the least.

10. Hey Jude by The Beatles

Released as a non-album single “Hey Jude” by Beatles ranks as the #10 biggest song of all time on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

  • “Hey, Jude” was the Beatles’ 16th number-one song on Hot 100 chart, tying Preasley’s then-record for most #1 singles in the US.
  • The pop-rock ballad is the #1 song of 1968 and the biggest selling single of the year in the US, in the UK, Canada, and Australia.
  • “Hey, Jude” was the Beatles longest song with a running time of 7:11, and at that time was the longest-playing song to reach #1 in the US.
(Video) Billboard Hot 100 | Greatest of All Time 100 Songs | Chart History (1958-2021)
  • “Hey, Jude” reached #1 on Hot 100 single chart in September ’68 and reigned the chart for nine-weeks, becoming Beatles’s longest Billboard Hot 100 run.

“You Light Up My Life” is a ballad originally sung by Kasy Cisyk, but we’ll focus on the well-known version covered by Debby Boone, which spent 13 weeks at #1 on Record World’s Top 100 Singles Chart.

  • Released in August 1977, “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boone set a then-record for longest reign at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for 10 successive weeks.
  • Forty-three years later, Bonne’s hit single its still maintaining his spot among the greatest songs ever, ranking at #9 on Billboard’s All-Time Top 100 chart.

Debby Boone’s biggest song reigned at #1 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart for 12 weeks, and peaked at #4 on the Country Songs chart.

In 1997, the soft rock song won the Grammy trophy for Song of the Year and Boone the Best New Artist Award.

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8. Physical by Olivia Newton-John

(Video) Billboard Hot 100 - Top 100 Greatest Singles of All Time

Ranked by Billboard as the #8 best song on its All-Time Top 100, “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John spent a then-record-tying of 10 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 chart.

Released in September 1981 as the lead single of her twelfth album with the same name, “Physical” is Newton-John’s most successful record and currently rules the Billboard’s Top Songs of the 1980s chart.

  • At the time, both song and music video of Physical were very controversial due to the provocative and sexual content, despite this, it ended up winning a Grammy for Video of the Year in 1983.
  • It reigns as the #1 song on Billboard’s Top 50 Sexiest Songs Of All Time and the number-one pop song of 1982.

7. Macarena Mix by Bayside Boys

“Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)” was ranked by Billboard Magazine as the 7th biggest song of all time on Hot 100 chart and the number one song of 1996.

The Bayside Boys remix is one of the biggest dance-craze trends of the 20th century and the first remix (chronologically speaking) from Billboard’s Hot 100 all-time list.

The dance remix spent a record of 60 weeks in the Hot 100 chart, the longest reign among #1 songs – fifteen years later was overthrown by Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

“Macarena (Bayside Boys remixed version)” peaked at number-one in August 1996, and stayed atop the Hot 100 singles chart for 14 consecutive weeks.

By doing so, the remix earned the record for the longest leading by a non-English-language song and maintained his status for 21 years until was surpassed.

6. I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

“I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas, ranks as the 6th best song of all time and the longest-running number-one song of 2009.

  • Produced by Davit Guetta, the song debuted at #2 on the Canadian and US Hot 100 chart, behind their own song “Boom Boom Pow.”
  • By doing so, The Black Eyed Peas became one of the only 11 artists from history who occupied the top two spots of the Hot 100 chart at the same time.

Is the first song ever in digital history to reach the sale marks for 6, 7, 8 and 9 million sold copies in the US.

Released earlier, the song “Boom Boom Pow” scored 12 weeks atop, being replaced by “I Gotta Feeling,” which reigned for 14 weeks.

Currently, The Black Eyed Peas holds the record for the longest uninterrupted time at #1 on Hot 100 chart, with a total of 26 successive weeks from April to October 2009.

5. Party Rock Anthem by LMFO

Released in January 2011, the electric song by the music duo LMFAO from their 2nd album “Sorry for Party Rocking,” ranks as the 5th best song of all time in the Hot 100’s chart history.

  • “Party Rock Anthem” reigned for 6 consecutive weeks at number one on the Hot 100 chart.
  • The song spent a then-record of 68 weeks in the chart, being the 3rd longest-charting #1 song of all time.

LMFAO’s recording is one of the best selling singles of all time with over 10 million copies sold in the US.

(Video) Billboard Hot 100 All Time 🪔 Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello, Ava Max, Adele, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande

Currently ranks as the 2nd best-selling song of all time in Australia certified 15× Platinum (just behind “Uptown Funk.”)


4. How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes

Originally performed by LeAnn Rimes, “How Do I Live” was ranked by Billboard as the 4th greatest song of all time and also as the biggest single ever by a female artist in the Hot 100 chart history.

  • Despite being the only song of this top not peaking at #1, in December 1997 and early 1998, “How Do I Live” reached #2 for five non-consecutive weeks.
  • It spent ten weeks at #3 and seven weeks at #4, all non-consecutive.
  • LeAnn Rimes’ song set a then-record of 69 weeks spent on the Hot 100 single chart.

Margaret LeAnn’s famed record version of “How Do I Live” stands as the most successful song of the 1990s.

Her song held two chart-records for 20 years:

  1. It spent a record time of 25 consecutive weeks in top-five and held the record until in 2017 when was broken by The Chainsmokers’s track “Closer.
  2. It spent an amaze record time of 32 consecutive weeks in the top ten until was overtaken by “Shape of You.”

3. Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin

“Mack the Knife” or originally in german “Die Moritat von Mackie Messer” is a song written in 1928 by Bertolt Brecht, and composed by Kurt Weil for their music drama The Threepenny Opera.

  • Bobby Darrin’s 1959 cover version is the third biggest song ever from Billboard’s Hot 100 chart history.
  • “Mack the Knife” reached #1 on US and UK charts, being Bobby Darrin’s first and only number one song.
  • It spent a total of 52 weeks in the top ten, nine of those at No.1 and is Bobby’s 4th song certified gold.

In 1959, at the 2nd edition of Grammys, Bobby Darrin won the trophies for Best New Artist and Record of the Year.

“Mack the Knife” has a bizarre connection with the number 59. It entered the Billboard singles chart at #59, it was the 59th #1 song of the rock era and the 2nd biggest-selling record of 1959.

2. Smooth by Santana ft Rob Thomas

Smooth by the Latin-rock band Santana and Rob Thomas, won three Grammy trophies for Song of the Year, Recording of the Year and Best pop Collaboration vocal.

  • Smooth is ranked by Billboard as the second biggest song of Hot 100’s all-time and the #1 rock single in 60 years of chart history.
  • In October 1999, Santana’s single “Smooth” reigned for 12 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 song chart.
  • It ranks as the last No.1 song of the 1990s and the first No.1 song of the new millennium.
  • According to Nielsen Music, the song currently generates around one million on-demand streams per week.

It was the first chart-topping hit of Carlo Santana after 28 years of a long-running career ( in 1971 “Black Magic Woman” peaked at number four)

(Video) Hot Billboard 2022 - Billboard Top 50 This Week - Top 40 Song This Week

1. The Twist by Chubby Checker

For 60 years, it reigns as the greatest song on Billboard Hot 100’s all time.It survived the disco fever, the Beatlemania or sensations like Michael Jackson, or Bing Crosby.

  • In September 1960, Checker’s song version of “The Twist” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reigned for one week.
  • In 1962, after the twist dance craze caught on high society, Chubby’s song hit again number one (reigning for two weeks).
  • By doing so, “The Twist” song became the first recording to reach #1 in two separate chart runs.
  • The Twist hits again in October 2012, when Chubby Checker set a Guinness world record for most people twisting in the streets.

It happened at his performance in DeLand, Florida where he sang live and around 4,000 people twisted along Checker.

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