Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (2023)

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From the latest in carpet choices to the most in-demand hardwood, vinyl, and tile designs, experts predict these will be the biggest flooring trends to look out for in 2023.

If you're looking to update flooring it's always going to be an investment, so it pays to stay informed of the latest trends for the best materials and designs that will prove timeless for the modern home.

Because the right flooring is key for providing the foundation for any room no matter the current scheme, whether it's a bold living room trend or the latest contemporary kitchen trend the flooring is key in supporting your design choices.

From the latest in comforting tactile carpets in neutral colors to more dramatic patterned tiles and herringbone wood floors there's an on-trend style to suit all rooms and all tastes.

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 key design choices

To inspire floors for all rooms, of all sizes, w&h asked the leading experts in the world of flooring to ascertain what's going to be popular and prove a worthwhile investment for flooring for the year ahead, and well beyond.

1. Rich wood tones

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (1)

(Image credit: Woodwork)

Typing in perfectly with the emerging popularity of rich brown tones as a key color trend 2023 it's no surprise to see the bleached woods of Scandi style being challenged by the demand for darker shades of wood varieties.

“While paler woods have been a popular option for flooring for several years, people are now embracing the deep, rich tones that work in perfect harmony with maximalism interior trends which are expected to stay popular in 2023," says Katie Hudghton, head of marketing at flooring specialists Woodworks (opens in new tab).

“Versatile and classic, darker flooring can work perfectly with more traditional or eclectic interior styles and will age brilliantly. For those scared to commit to the darker tones, it’s worth considering that if you eventually do want to go back to a lighter floor, you can always sand down and stain the wood.”

2. Tactile textures

(Image credit: Kersaint Coob)

If color isn't your thing but you still want to make more of an impact with a neutral color scheme then this is the flooring trend for you. Over the past few years, we've seen a growing desire to furnish homes with tactile materials and textures, boucle being the prime example of one of the hottest interior design trends of 2023, to add depth to softer color schemes and make homes feel cozy and inviting.

"Texture is a key trend in interiors with many people working with materials to create an inviting room scheme," reveals Jon Flannigan, product manager at Kersaint Cobb.

"Creating a space that provides peace, rest and refuge will be a big trend for 2023," predicts Flooring Superstore’s (opens in new tab) Craig Smith, merchandising manager. "Natural colors, fibers, and texture all create a gentle aesthetic that is the perfect ambiance to relax and unwind."

"The heightened desire for a connection to nature and for spaces that evoke feelings of sanctuary and calm will continue to drive how homes are decorated," explains Lorna. "This year, natural colors, softer, more organic shapes, and heavier textures are key design focuses."

"Light colors and texture are particularly effective in narrow or small areas," Jon helpfully adds. "Soft, pale-colored flooring brightens up a small area, creates the illusion of space, and gives a light, airy look."

3. Imperfectly beautiful finishes

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (3)

(Image credit: RAK Ceramics | Carpetright)

The trend for celebrating natural materials in their truest form is a direct connection to the popularity in recent years of the Japandi style trend. Whether it be a Japandi living room, a serene Japandi bathroom, or a Japandi kitchen the flooring will be one of simple beauty to provide an understated yet stylish foundation to build the room decor around.

"One of the main trends for 2023 is authenticity," explains Lorna Williams, head of product design at Amtico (opens in new tab). "Elements of craftsmanship, heritage, and a correlation to natural materials remain key within interior design. Textures play a big role in this trend, helping to give flooring longevity." Think of characterful wood grains and unperfect concrete surfaces, in this trend natural imperfections provide charm.

Tapping into this beautifully imperfect ideal Katie explains: “A newer trend set to become popular over the next year is the ‘unfinished’ look. While not actually disorganized, the flooring is carefully and strategically placed down using different-width planks to go against that uniform look people traditionally strive for."

"The variety in plank width, with slight gaps incorporated throughout, adds depth and character to your flooring and gives it a heritage feel."

4. Bold color choices

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (4)

(Image credit: Carpetright)

There are two camps when it comes to interior color trends 2023, bold or neutral. With bold colors even applying to floors, for those brave enough of course.

"Brights are back," says Paul "Full of personality and joie-de-vivre, get ready to inject color into your home from floor to ceiling with the new 'Color Pop' trend."

"The use of color in flooring has broadened over the past couple of years; retreating to nostalgic designs that evoke comfort and assurance," Lorna explains. "With the evolution of maximalist interiors seeing the transition of abstract designs in a sophisticated color palette of tones and textures. Evoking a sense of drama with calmness to provide a modern take on retro design."

“Simultaneously, there is a growing desire to invest more into the home to create a relaxing sanctuary. Colors that will be popular include blues, greens, and golds – both in a calming context and a bold, botanical way" Lorna adds. "We should see this in the form of carpets especially, although there are some whimsical vinyl options that would suit this colorful trend.”

“There’s been a trend recently of ‘bringing the outside in’. In line with this, bright, expressive colors resembling citrus and other naturally occurring bright colors will be ‘in’ this year for flooring," predicts Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at flooring specialists Tapi (opens in new tab).

5. Heritage herringbone

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (5)

(Image credit: Amtico | Lifestyle Floors)

For both carpets and hardwood floors the herringbone pattern is one of the most significant trends to be aware of in 2023.

"Flooring patterns can completely change the look of a room," says Lorna. "Timeless patterns such as herringbone and parquet remain key patterns, and will no doubt be for 2023 as they continue to answer the evolving trends."

“Continuing on with the theme of incorporating nature in the home, natural wood effects, particularly with a herringbone pattern to add extra visual excitement, is perfect for 2023," says Johanna. "This floor comes in the form of engineered wood, vinyl, LVT, and carpet, so there’s an option for every home.”

“Additionally, herringbone can really open up a room because of its pattern resembling a movement. We’re seeing a lot of interest in making the most of smaller spaces, so this floor is a strong contender for those looking to make a room look bigger.”

6. Sophisticated stone

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (6)

(Image credit: RAK Ceramics)

Whether it’s contemporary porcelain or regal marble flooring, stone finishes are set to make a statement and remain a top choice for interiors in 2023 – particularly across kitchen and bathroom trends.

"Nature-inspired tiles are very much on-trend and porcelain offers the perfect opportunity to bring this look into the home without compromising on function," says Ben Bryden, sales and marketing Director at RAK Ceramics UK (opens in new tab).

"Tiles with a subtle or bold marble-effect pattern work well when teamed with materials like wood, creating a calming and timeless that works well across rooms, including the bathroom and the kitchen."

"Revised classy marble and granite inspired patterns displaying elegant veins used on kitchen floors, for example, create a sophisticated ambiance that is the epitome of luxury and sophistication."

"The use of stone and concrete effect materials will see a shift to a more contemporary aesthetic with natural, softer tones," suggests Lorna. "From chalky, paler marbles that mirror natural pigmentation, to the concrete effect that beautiful simplicity provides gentle movement across the floor to achieve a minimalistic, yet industrial scheme."

7. Expressive patterns

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (7)

(Image credit: Amtico | Lifestyle Floors)

Another bold trend, particularly across tiles and vinyl, is one of the expressive patterns to show a little more personality through flooring choices. Safe neutral flooring is being rivaled by bolder choices to allow the floor to command attention and let the softer interior paint color trends on the walls take a backseat.

"Tiles in 2023 are all about making a statement," says Craig, "whether it’s a dramatic geometric pattern or bright and bold pops of color, 2023 is the year to push boundaries with your tiled flooring. Team with neutral shades and low-key accessories to make your flooring pop."

“This year, we’ll see people injecting their personality into their homes more than ever," says Johanna. "Along with the increase in popularity of bold, exciting patterns and colors, patterned vinyl will be the perfect way to turn any room into a statement."

“The styling opportunities are endless with patterned vinyl, and this will be an exciting concept for people who want to take their interiors to the next level.”

8. Classic checkerboard floors

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (8)

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Checks are back in fashion in a big way, particularly for bathrooms, cloakrooms, and kitchens. "Checkerboard patterns, once absorbed within a traditional design, has now emerged as its very own trend and evolved into one of the hottest surface and tile trends of 2023," says Barrie Cutchie (opens in new tab), Design Director at one of the leading bathroom manufacturers, BC Designs.

"Checkerboard floor is a great way of adding pattern and color to a bathroom (hallway or kitchen too) without it becoming too complicated or over the top. The overall look will be dependant more on the colors chosen than anything else, as it doesn’t have to be traditional white and black. Instead, contrasting, or similar shades can be used that can soften and warm the space."

"This floor style is also a great feature of transitional bathrooms, where contemporary and traditional styles are blended together." The versatile look can work in almost any space. "They work just as well in cloakrooms as they do in larger bathrooms, though in smaller spaces, it is best to work with smaller tiles so you can see more of the pattern."

9. Stylish sustainable materials

Flooring trends 2023 – 9 of the most popular design choices for stylish floors (9)

(Image credit: Carpetright)

The movement for more sustainable living choices is now reflected in how we choose to furnish our homes. For flooring, it's about striking the right balance of laying a stylish material that ticks all the boxes when it comes to sustainability.

"We are seeing a big demand for Cork as a popular environmentally friendly material, and the ideal sustainable floor covering," explains Paul Herbert, head of buying for carpets, Carpetright (opens in new tab). "This biodegradable and fully recyclable material is light, resilient, and boasts great sound and thermal insulation."

“The environment is high up on people’s list of priorities and in 2023 this is only set to go further as we incorporate pre-loved materials into our homes," agrees Katie. "There’s absolutely no reason that quality, reclaimed wood shouldn’t also be making it into more homes to create a bespoke, high-end look while also being a great choice for the environment.”

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